New Vessel Design

You are considering the purchase of a new vessel. You need one or more or all of the following services :
- Definition of requirements and specification
- Ship or boat design
- Search for appropriate shipyard or boat builder
- Assistance with contract negotiations
- Preparation of drawings and documents required for construction and commissioning of the vessel, and associated design calculations
- Supervision as Owner’s representative during construction and commissioning


New Vessel Design
Passenger Transport Catamaran Vessel design, project supervision as Owner’s representative, delivery and commissioning, with start of operations a few days after delivery to Noumea

Jet Cruiser:

New Vessel Design
Passenger Transport Vessel
Vessel design, supply of set of drawings to the shipyard in Australia, as well as survey documents for flag state (Ausrtalia), including stability book.

Valtaire :

New Vessel Design
Cruiser/Racer Maxi Yacht
Boat design, supply of set of drawings to the boat yard
in Australia

Passenger Transport Boat:

New Vessel Design
Passenger transport boat design for a hotel resort located on
a small island near Noumea, supply of set of drawings
and documents to shipyards for quotation.

Multi-Purpose Workboat:

New Vessel Design
Design of a multi-purpose workboat for the Department of
Fisheries of New Caledonia in preparation for a project for the
construction and supply of a new vessel.

Fishing Vessels, Passenger Transport Vessels, Cargo Vessels, Service Vessels, Patrol Craft, Tugs and Barges, Workboat.